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We are a corrective movement therapy fitness company in Princeton, New Jersey. A mouth full right? It just means that although we are all unique with different body types, shapes, strengths & goals; it’s our job to help direct you on your fitness journey through functional movement. Our area of focus is posture, post surgical, prenatal and postpartum, sport specific, injury recovery, weight loss, and muscle enhancement and tone. We find and guide you through a myriad of disciplines to accomplish your goals. Those disciplines may be: Flexibility, Balance, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, HIIT, Breath Works, TRX , LIIT, Speed, Agility & Boxing. With your goals identified, begin your journey with your Prime Omega Fit trainer who will remain by your side, helping you with motivation and nutrition every step of the way until your goals are met. Need a break or have to travel? Our online training and App programs keep you in line with your fitness journey. Whether in private, semi - private or a class, everyone will always have a personal trainer in their company. Done at our studio space or at your home, we stay within a 15 mile radius of Princeton. Prime Omega Fit is divided into several goal specify training category programs to help give you a nurturing community with like-minded souls such as yourself, they are (1) Primal Fire (group fitness classes, like Yoga & Fit Camps) (2) Primal Goddess (fitness classes dealing specifically for the female body) (3) Primal Warrior (sport specific training/U-21 (4) Primal Legends (Private /semi / group training for the retired/ 63+) (5) PrimeOFit Services (workshops, meal plans, online training & merchandise).

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A true, “Back to Basics” return to our Prime selves. We are here to re-educate the human body not only on how to lift, but move in our every day lives. Throughout our lives, we will develop on average a myriad of movement/ postural and compensative habits. These habits, which if not already have presented themselves, will mostly lead to neck, back, hip, knee based pains, and postural asymmetry just name a few. The ability to walk/run, retrieve an object of the floor, have a safe return to exercise after pregnancy or raising your athleticism in a sport, are all things we take for granted. It normally takes a life scare event, surgery, or pain that forces us to ask for help. We are here to help raise your mental awareness and physical prowess by make you aware of an issue and teach you how to correct it. We work with your doctors and physical therapist to make sure your always on the right path. 
Prime Omega Fit is based  in Princeton, New Jersey. We focus on corrective fitness. Our technique is simple and whether Private, Semi - Private, Class or Team Training sessions, everyone is treated uniquely. We create customizable programs to fit everyone’s unique area in need of strengthening into our programs. Whether you are working out with a small group or large class you will specifically target what you wanted to achieve. We practice  HIIT, strength training, balance,  speed, agility and rehabilitative exercises at home or in a gym. You are given access to your training through our App. This allows us to monitor and track your progress, as well as create new routines for you and your community to access and follow at your leisure. We are unlike other gyms that say they pay attention to your form and your health, yet give you all the same cookie cutter plan. We want you to feel the strongest and most balanced you have ever been. We service the Princeton community and the surrounding townships of Lawrenceville, Kingston, Rocky Hill, Robbinsville, Hopewell, Montgomery, West Windsor, Hamilton, South Brunswick, & Ewing. 
Founded in 2015 by Kratos Prime (Keith K.P Barrand) who has a  MS in Exercise Science and Human Physiology with a focus in Athletics. School lead him through a unique path to focus on the application of Corrective Fitness for those who need rehabilitation through strength and conditioning before/after or instead of surgery altogether.

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Owner/Master Trainer

Keith Kratos Barrand who has a B.S. & M.S. in Exercise Science at SUNY Brockport 2010 & Kean University in 2014. He was Strength Coach at Princeton University for 6 yrs. Following which he began devoting full time to his corrective movement therapy fitness company which he created in 2015. He carries 2 CPT’s certifications from both ACSM and NASM respectively. Also under NASM he has a PES, CES, GPTS, and TRX certification. He specializes in strength, agility, flexibility, posture, balance, and physical therapy through breathing training, core activation, ROM & mental training. His Trainer moniker is “Kratos Prime” and he offers one of the many solutions  to movement for those who have a hard time navigating the levels of fitness and how to move their bodies.



Master trainer/Head of Prenatal Fitness

Caitlin Wilson is a CPT who specializes in Women’s Health and Fitness, including Prenatal and Postpartum Health and Fitness. She joined the Prime Omega Fitness team in August of 2018. Caitlin (Cait) has her certifications through the American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association. Cait had always been connected to fitness thought sports; however, within the last five years had grown to learn how to train effectively and properly. She was introduced and taught how to train in 2014, by the founder of Prime Omega Fitness. This changed her life in fitness permanently and for the better. She studied, carrying the teachings of Prime Omega Fitness with her, and became a Certified Personal Trainer. She then followed up with a specialty certificate in Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness and Wellness. The programs she designs are different and catered to each woman individually based on her needs and goals. Cait’s number one thought through the Prenatal and Postpartum Health and Fitness program is safety, for mother as well as baby. She includes the core values of  Prime Omega Fitness with all of her trainings. Cait also holds group classes, such as Find Your Fire Fit Camp, Booty by Prime Omega Fit Camp, and Prenatal and Postpartum by Prime Omega Fit Class (organized by trimesters). Caitlin has not only found her passion in life, but is so grateful for Prime Omega Fitness because the company has taught her valuable and life-lasting lessons about her own body and how to manipulate, correct and strengthen it safely and healthily. She wants to pass the knowledge she was given on to others and support them in reaching their own goals as well.



Certified Yoga Instructor

Haley Anderson specializes in Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Power yoga, and focuses on precision alignment, strength building, mobility, and the breath. Haley began practicing yoga consistently during her undergraduate studies and has continued to use yoga to ground her at different stages in her life. In 2016, Haley enrolled in a yoga instructor certification course with the intention to deepen her personal practice – during the training she found her love of yoga teaching and has been leading small groups and one-on-one practices ever since. 

Haley’s approach to yoga is playful and she strongly encourages her students to explore poses and, in doing this, explore their own bodies. During her classes, she focuses on striking the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and rest. For her Vinyasa Flow and Power Flow classes, you can expect to move, sweat, balance, and breathe – while her Yin and Restorative classes tend to focus more on mobility, relaxation, and deep muscle release. Haley recognizes that yoga is for everyone and provides several levels of modification for those who come to her classes – from beginners to advanced practitioners.



Dharma Yoga certified Instructor

I’m Diana. I’m a 500hour certified Dharma Yoga teacher with a passion for a healthy and positive way of living. I started practicing yoga in 2013 and instantly fell in love with the yoga philosophy and pranayama practice. Having a demanding career as an architect, yoga became a great tool, I noticed it helped me manage and even decrease my daily stress, increased my energy and helped me gain more enthusiasm for life both at work and home. 
On a personal note, I am married and have a beautiful baby boy. I consider myself as someone who is curious, constantly learning, looking for meaning and purpose, because I believe that life is always happening for us, not to us. 
As I am coming from a stressful corporate background, I know what it’s like to juggle work and family life. I’m here to support you, help you feel stronger, inspired and motivated to live a life that’s filled with possibilities.

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Our 2 Apps (MINDBODY), (POF) for both single classes, Schedule, packages, workout  programs, comprehensive in-depth workout Videos & community fitness groups.

2 Simple Steps to join our MINDBODY Mobile App: 

  •  Go to the App Store or Google Play and Download the MINDBODY app

  •  Enter PRIME OMEGA FITNESS then "Join" or click our join uds button

2 ways to join our POF App

A) Go to the App Store or Google Play and Download the Prime Omega Fitness App Set up free account and begin from step 2.

B) Text or email us your Full Name and email and write create free profile then follow steps below:


1. Open email that was sent from Prime omega Fitness with sender Prime Prime. COPY unique computer generated Login password, then click on the link and use your email to log in to

2. By clicking the drop down arrow in the top right corner. Input / update my info by adding a CREDIT CARD # to the account under “ MY INFO” option,  while there then add your ADDRESS, PICTURE , birth date, and UPDATE AND SAVE YOUR NEW PASSWORD THAT YOU WILL CREATE. Make sure to add your Address if you intend on ordering meal plans from our POF Kitchen and or doing HOME PRIVATE / SEMI PRIVATE.

3.Enter your email and the new  password you changed to now log in then click save/ remember password.

4. Now you can purchase packages, class passes and or follow the workouts created for you in either your Private, semi Private or classes you are participate in.

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