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Senior Physiotherapy


Redefine Your Prime
(Home or Local Private Studio Space)

Exercise plays an important role in how we age and how to stay healthy during our senior years. Physical exercise has many benefits including lowering tension, managing stress, controlling cholesterol, reducing the chance of injury and minimizing the effects of countless chronic conditions. Experienced Prime Omega Strength coaches can help you get your body and mind into shape through an exercise program focused on functional strength training, balance, stretching and cardiovascular activities.


1-1/Private or 1-5/Semi-Private

1 Session: $45

6 Sessions Private: $240.00

12 Sessions Private: $460.00

6 Sessions Semi-Private: $210.00

12 Sessions Semi-Private:$ 385.00

Prices do not include Tax

All Booking is Done through our MindBody App. To Purchase a Package or Book a session, sign up for a free account and or log into and download the App to Enroll.

All Pricing and Packages are under "Primal Legend" for this Package type 

Primal Legends/ Senior Fitness: Service
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