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Schedule & Program: Hitting Your Fitness Goals before entering the Gym Pt.2

Schedule & Program your success

Another focus that should be ever present on one's mind, to staying consistent with a fitness goal, should be Schedule & Program. Having a schedule and knowing exactly what times in the day you can afford to work out, and what you will be doing plays big into attaining your goals. It eliminates guess work, especially when there is just a lot going on in your life.

Now Having a confirmed time to work on your goal allows you to dedicate a full 100% to that time slot. Being un-interrupted with a plan and a stable schedule allows one to be more grounded. Balance and rhythm is easily more attainable to those of us with a hectic Schedule.

It's easier said than done so thats why one has to make a habit of testing your time slots when setting new goals a week before before entering the gym. By trying to be more active during those possible gym times, to help simulate going into the gym. Planning your workouts allow for you know and push past your limits. Here are some of the key benefits of scheduling workouts.

You stay Committed

When you schedule your workouts, they become more routine. They become much like anything else you do every day, such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, or walking your dog. “The more ingrained your workout routine becomes in your normal day, the more consistent you will be.

You Commit to More to Life.

Scheduling workouts can potentially help you schedule and commit to other things in

life, too. “You see that you are able to make a workout schedule and stick to it

Scheduling helps keep you on track toward your goal. “Whether your goal is a triathlon, a higher Vertical Leap, or losing ten pounds, scheduling your workout will help you move toward it.

Consistent Motivation

The physical act of having a written task to complete for one hour helps to keep one motivated. More brain power is allocated to the exercise which aids in stimulating the brain's ability to focus and after job completion stress relief. With constant adjustment of ones plan it allows you to become more sensitive to the development of one body.

Look forward to it

By having a schedule and workout program in place you begin to look forward to your exercise and in turn you dedicate more to your workout process and not just the Goal. Which makes you retain your health for longer periods of time.

By Kratos Prime (Keith K Harper)


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